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My policy on Facebook

Premise: my profile is public. Premise: my profile is public. However, I still prefer to make a selection at the entrance: partly because I don’t want to follow anyone, and partly because I prefer that some people stay out.

In general, I do not accept requests for friendship from those I do not know in person. There are exceptions to this rule, and they all fall into a specific category: people known only virtually, perhaps in places other than Facebook, which in some way intrigued me, people I have known for years, people I esteem.

If I ask you for friendship, you tend to fall into those categories. In no case do I get offended if you don’t exchange friendship: you will have your good reasons.

Below are the reasons why I can eliminate or not accept a person’s friendship (maybe I forgot something, I reserve the freedom to change this list in the case):

1) you complain ALWAYS. Complaining hurts yourself and hurts those around you. I’m also trying to quit.

2) ONLY advertise something, be it yourself, a political party, a company, anything. I strongly suggest you turn your profile into a page because you’re violating the Facebook rules. And anyway I prefer to have online relationships with people, not things.

3) you have an empty profile, or at least there is nothing personal. In fact, you’re a lurker, and I find the lurkers scary. And in any case, for my part, I prefer to have people in my contacts who want to share something, not just online to see what others are doing.

4) do nothing but share hoaxes or false news and/or conspiracy articles. I hope it’s clear why I don’t want a person like that in my contacts, without having to specify.

5) you always talk only about politics, especially about your party, and still in a polemical tone. In fact, as far as I am concerned, you are not very different from those who always complain, with the aggravating circumstance that you are talking about something that for me has little interest in itself (not politics in general, but a specific party, whatever it is).

6) think clearly things that are morally unacceptable to me. Keep in mind that if I take you away from the friends’ list for this reason, then I’m not even so happy to see you in person. Believe me, and I won’t pretend to be.

7) you are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic. Which then is only a variation of point 6: I consider it morally unacceptable. It’s too complicated and too difficult to make you understand why you shouldn’t be, at least for me. Everyone has their limits; this is mine.

8) you fall into the categories of people I thought I did/said/thought something I never did/said/thought. I find the people who believe they understand everything about you to be particularly arrogant as if they had the gift of reading minds, and it becomes impossible to argue calmly. I prefer to stay very far from people like that, even in real life, let alone on a social network.

There are also cases where I get to block people. I usually block them and then release them after a certain time. The blockade remains only if I consider you irrecoverable. Currently, the only person I think irrecoverable is one.
The reasons why I block someone are generally the following:

1) if you insult me, or my friends, or my relatives, or all together. It also applies if you treat me like an idiot (or my friends, or my relatives)

2) if you are a stalker

3) if I met you personally and I would have preferred never to have known you before

All this is obviously in my sole discretion.