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In memoriam

May 20, 2019 – April 12, 2022.
Almost three years of a very dignified life, never a problem, never a difficulty.
Today I sent my Pixel 3a as a trade-in for my new Pixel 6 Pro.

I will miss you, faithful little friend....

The fifth untouchable number of Bell

Tonight, after a two-year birthday at home due to a pandemic, we celebrate by going out to dinner; I don’t know where because it’s a surprise.
My gift this year is to try to become an English citizen, and there will be laughs, including English tests, Life in the UK, the approximately 1600 pounds to pay, and so on....

The year of concerts

This year isn’t exactly one of the best years so far, but it does have some positives: one of them is the concerts.

On February 22nd, we went to see the Echo & the Bunnymen at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire. I could have sworn I’d never be able to see them, but instead. Fantastic concert; at the bottom of this post,...

Unsolicited advice

But assuming yoùre not reading this in an active war zone, it doesn’t follow that you need to mentally inhabit those stories, all day long. It doesn’t make you a better person – and it doesn’t make life any easier for Ukrainian refugees – to spend hour upon hour marinating in precisely those narratives over which you can exert the least influence....

Quote of the day

Relax. Concentrate. Dispel every other thought. Let the world around you fade.
Best to close the door; the TV is always on in the next room. Tell the others right away, “No, I don’t want to watch TV!”. Raise your voice – they won’t hear you otherwise – “I’m reading! I don’t want to be disturbed!” (…)
Or if you prefer,...