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Summer holidays

August was a long and challenging month, partly because of the heat and fatigue.
But after almost three years, we returned to Italy at the end of the month.
It wasn’t exactly a holiday: between relatives and friends, we were shuttled from the north-east to the north-west, and the only day we didn’t walk kilometres and have dinner/lunch/aperitifs with someone was the day before we took the plane home when we enjoyed the spa....

Something's happening

This July was also tiring because of that week when we almost reached 40 degrees, and then the temperatures plummeted (about 10 degrees). Between the heat and the increased workload, I feel exhausted, and for the Holidays, those with a capital H, I will have to wait until September.

Meanwhile, I keep doing little things on this blog: I have added two pages where there are Films and TV series that I recommend....


Twenty-five years ago, Winamp was born, a media player for Windows that I have always loved.
I discovered by chance that there is a web version and a WordPress plugin derived from that version.



Also, because everyone has their own way of relaxing, there is a small moon icon at the top right of this blog: if you click on it, the light turns off (that is to say, I have implemented thedark mode). Clicking on it again turns the light back on.Enjoy.

News at work: I became line manager for my new colleague....

Finding the words

Last Thursday, I learned that Paolo Valenti, aka Wolly, passed away.
I have been trying to find the words to say so many things since Thursday, from how sorry I am to how important it was for me to know him and how important he was for the WordPress community in Italy.

Instead of looking for words I cannot find,...

As it is, as it is not

Because since Thursday has been a bank holiday all over the UK due to Platinum Jubilee, as I wrote in the previous post, I relaxed by removing Timber from the theme of this blog.
Today is neighbourhood party day, the perpendicular street to ours is closed and full of flags, and there is music.
The candidate would tell us in which district of London it is taking place after listening to the audio file below,...

Free time

I imagine that each person has their particular way of relaxing: take a walk, go to the beach, pursue their hobby, and so on.
The undersigned instead takes up this blog and does things. In this case, it is now possible to browse the blog entirely in English, from the homepage to the categories, up to the search....

Where is your towel? #TowelDay

Don't panic and carry a towel. Uses for your towel: 1. Wave as a distress signal 2. Soak it and use as a weapon 3. Cover your face against the fumes 4. Hide from bugblatters 5. Use as a sail 6. Small blanket 7. Dry off