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To be seen

Saturday 18 December 2004, 9.00 am
Milan, IULM
Via Carlo Bo, 1 – 20143 Tel .: 02 891411 Fax: 02 891414000
MM2 Romolo stop

Share knowledge: new Commons, new rights
Stefano Rodotà; Claudio Prado; Lawrence Lessig; Franco Carlini; Carlo Petrini; Carlo Formenti; Enzo Gentile; Mauro Pagani; Fiorella De Cindio, Anna Carola Freschi;...

Connect the dots

What will ever unite these two articles?

Allow me

president of Confindustria Lombardia

Bill Gates has declared that Italian companies suffer from a large technological gap.
What are the industrialists responding?

That we already know.
We are fully aware of this.
But the gap concerns more What else is the country system....