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From the Applied Cognitive Psychology course materials:

Sign on a church door:
“Warning! Danger of falling angels!”

Sign displayed in the window of a shoe shop:
“Rubber children’s boots are sold.”

Sign in a restaurant:
‘Customers who think waiters are rude should see the manager.’...

About sex tourism

Loyalty, when it is not a quid pro quo, is the most stolid of wastes.

Arthur Schnitzler

How do you advise the wives of those beings (whom I do not define) that when their husbands come back, they should use condoms?...

To read

I ask him what was the most unexpected result of these searches. Lapidary, Kahneman sums it up: «The big surprise was double: the first is that the circumstances of life (whether or not to be married, to earn a lot or not, to be or not to be successful, to be or not in perfect health) count for very little....

To be seen

Saturday 18 December 2004, 9.00 am
Milan, IULM
Via Carlo Bo, 1 – 20143 Tel .: 02 891411 Fax: 02 891414000
MM2 Romolo stop

Share knowledge: new Commons, new rights
Stefano Rodotà; Claudio Prado; Lawrence Lessig; Franco Carlini; Carlo Petrini; Carlo Formenti; Enzo Gentile; Mauro Pagani; Fiorella De Cindio, Anna Carola Freschi;...

Connect the dots

What will ever unite these two articles?

Allow me

president of Confindustria Lombardia

Bill Gates has declared that Italian companies suffer from a large technological gap.
What are the industrialists responding?

That we already know.
We are fully aware of this.
But the gap concerns more What else is the country system....