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No words

Pier Scolari, the journalist’s companion, when asked how Giuliana was doing, replied:

Giuliana is relatively well, she is like someone who has taken 300 bullets.

I don’t think there is anything more to add.

You brought her back!

Magazines for idiots

The 7 golden rules for having good sex The 7 golden rules for having good sex 1

No more women with headaches: Men’s Health magazine has published the 7 golden rules for unforgettable nights.

First: Don’t be too direct.
(Dear, tonight I would like to take you by the hand and introduce you to overwhelming sensations,...


Tonight from 22:00 (free admission) there will be the inauguration of the exhibition of Pao Illustrations, on paper and canvas, at S’agapo’, in via Lodovico Il Moro 171 on the naviglio grande (Milan), which will last until at February 22.
Come in large numbers.


Secret Place was performed nightly to full houses from April 11 to 19 at the Bath House Cultural Center in White Rock Lake Park. It is produced by Xlthlx Productions (pronounced “zilth-lix“).

If they say so …
Who knows what happened to them....

Dedicated to all those who

The woman who was in a coma and was pregnant died. But what I would like to point out is that there was a miscarriage first, then the woman died.
Nature does not really have our own opinion: first of all it tried to save the host organism and not the host organism.
So this is dedicated to all those who use natural and do not even know what it means: nature can be ruthless,...


That would be Alexandros, but peace.

I suffered from seeing the mosaic map with the ENGLISH inscriptions (eh, Americans) and Alexander’s amphibians on the table (eh right, the Macedonians used amphibians), and the Macedonian phalanx looking like a group of dancers (they indeed weren’t marching, but they were throwing themselves at the opponent).

For my taste too violent,...

Cat power

From Metro Milano today

The cat saves everyone from the flames

He saved an entire family from what could have been a tragedy. He meowed until the master woke up and realized that the security door of his apartment was on fire. It happened last night in Milan in via Saint Bon 6, west of the city....