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no, again this year nothing Smau.

in the morning limbo it causes chronic lethargy and a gloomy day, as well as pain in the backside due to the hopping* of the night before, I noticed that I still have, among my junk, a beautiful object: orange candies Navigoben, a remedy against nausea from Internet surfing....

Are things

The clash between an episode of Farscape and the contest a post in 10 lines, found wandering through blogs, generated the following.

I am not looking for prince charming.
I cannot imagine myself on a white horse,
I am not a princess.
I am not looking for prince charming.
I do not want someone to come and save me;...

If a winter night

It is not easy to talk about an author as multifaceted and complete as Italo Calvino.
Therefore, I will limit myself to making people understand what he meant for me and why I recommend everyone to read his works, current and often visionary. < br> I grew up on bread and ‘Fiabe Italiané; he had read them to me and reread them until he knew them by heart....


Dedicated to all those who have gone, are going or will go on holiday in Sardinia:

(courtesy of Histoire)

Bitter findings

The counselling centres are 30 years old: law 405 was approved on July 29, 1975.

In recent years, some regional governors, starting with Storace in Lazio and Formigoni in Lombardy, have tried to change the rules of counseling centers, especially as regards the law on abortion, asking for lists and names of those asking for the intervention.

It takes more than the pill to free women....

Then say so

I am pleased to read this morning that a team of French researchers (news published in Nature) has discovered that nicotine addiction is linked to a specific area of the brain: it seems that on these receptor neurons, nicotine has a positive influence by increasing learning abilities.
Since I am a heavy smoker and was born with milk intolerance,...