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I feel like a couch.
I know how you feel.

(I have meant to write this useless post for a long time.)


Internal struggles

From: Normative Parent –
To: Children Free (+ and -)
Cc: Adults (+ and -)

Dear friends,
this one of mine comes because the situation is becoming unbearable.
I would like to point out some points since it seems that they are not clear:
– if you continue to act like idiots,...

Then say so

Remove your URL or Google Groups Post
Your request has been submitted.
Your request should be processed within 5 days.

Five days to remove a site from indexation?
I will express myself in the sweet idiom of our transalpine cousins:
Holy shit....


no, again this year nothing Smau.

in the morning limbo it causes chronic lethargy and a gloomy day, as well as pain in the backside due to the hopping* of the night before, I noticed that I still have, among my junk, a beautiful object: orange candies Navigoben, a remedy against nausea from Internet surfing....

Are things

The clash between an episode of Farscape and the contest a post in 10 lines, found wandering through blogs, generated the following.

I am not looking for prince charming.
I cannot imagine myself on a white horse,
I am not a princess.
I am not looking for prince charming.
I do not want someone to come and save me;...

If a winter night

It is not easy to talk about an author as multifaceted and complete as Italo Calvino.
Therefore, I will limit myself to making people understand what he meant for me and why I recommend everyone to read his works, current and often visionary. < br> I grew up on bread and ‘Fiabe Italiané; he had read them to me and reread them until he knew them by heart....