I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon

giovin virgulto

I don’t really know

Him:  You did a good jonHim: *jonHim: *jonHim: Oh ffs Him: You did a good jonathanHim: Thanks Me: LOLMe: thanks Me: the seagull? Him: Lol I don't know that Me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Livingston_Seagull Him: Maybe i know…but I don't really know i know


Alla mano

Him: Altho nulla, nessuno looks a lot like lesbian in british sign language Him: Non mi interessa is exactly the same in german sign langauge but is very close to thank you in british Him: In geman sign language it's exactly the same for I don't care /I'm not that…


L’anatra cibernetica

Him: thank youHim: meglio che il canarda robota Me: what? Him: lolHim: noHim: waitHim: ana somethingHim: anadactylHim: no Me: … Him: anadra? Me: LOLMe: what do you want to say? Him: duck! Me: anatra! Him: obv-vious-lyHim: well there you go thenHim: was close enoughHim: you can figure the rest out Me: waitMe: noMe: meglio che il anatra robota? Him: …


Uptime alert

Him: How's your day going so far? Got any plans for the weekend? Me: 404 sleep not foundMe: Yes, concert on Sunday Him: I saw you were up at 4amHim: Got an Uptime Robot alertHim: "Serena is up"


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