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Like a regurgitation

Vecchi post Facebook che non se ne vogliono andare

Today we have been living in London for eight years.

But that is not what I wanted to write about.
About a year and a half ago, I wrote that I had deleted almost all posts from Facebook, apart from a couple.
Today, for the umpteenth time,

47, the dead

Secondo la smorfia napoletana, 47 è il morto, anche se Petrolini la pensava diversamente. È un numero un po' nel mezzo, ma molto più vicino ai 50 che ai 40, che non mi sta particolarmente simpatico. Mi sono resa conto che sono otto mesi che non scrivo nulla, e anche scrivere...

New year, new numbers

Here is a little history in numbers of this blog, which will be 12 years old this year.
Last year wasn’t too bad, considering I wrote significantly less than the previous year.
The desire to write this year is less than last year, but never say never.

Year No. of articles Average characters per article Total characters per article Average comments Total comments 2015 31 1,689 52,331 2.0 62 2014 318 1,016 322,989 0.4 134 2013 83 946 78,444 0.6 49 2012 87 688 59,855 1.7 149 2011 25 801 20,017 2.2 54 2010 52 954 49,603 3.8 196 2009 96 1,207 115,813 4.7 447 2008 108 1,058 114,181 10.5 1,135 2007 71 703 49,900 7.7 550 2006 66 890 58,691 4.0 265 2005 45 874 39,297 0.8 38 2004 6 634 3,802 0.0 0

If you also want to see your numbers,

Going back home

No, I have not returned to Milan, also because that would not be so easy, quite the contrary.
But I am back here on my blog, the one that is ten years old, which will be eleven this year, and I have stitched the new blog to the old one, and also a bit of my past to my present and future....

See you later

Today this blog is ten years old. Ten tormented years, starting on Splinder, passing through other platforms with other names like so many others, to finally land on a dedicated domain with WordPress. Ten years have passed, closed and reopened many times, and it is still here.
The time has come to close, but this time for real.
The blog will stay here,...

#365 - The last one

Getting to this post was quite a feat, but I have already written about it in other posts. I certainly learnt a few things: I will not do something like this again, not even in another form (like photos). It is far too challenging for my limited possibilities.
The other important thing I realised is that I will never write for a living....

#346 - In the home stretch

It’s a little while away, just 20 days (and 20 posts) to the conclusion of this blessed 365.
I’ve only just realised this, as everything that has happened so far has kept me busy.
I have the impression that I will write very little once it’s over. Maybe I’m wrong, but despite the care, I take not to write down too many details of my life,...

#339 - I was hoping better

Today has been a busy day, not because I’ve prepared a few things for tomorrow, as I’m supposed to be working, but because my health hasn’t assisted me much.
I feel exhausted and weak tonight and hope to be a little better tomorrow; I would like to return to everyday life.
I’m sorry not to write more than this....