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For a change

By now, it is a well-known fact that I like to hurt myself by messing around with the code when I am not working.
Apart from everything I’ve done to this template, the other site’s template, and another one that I manage but is not mine, I got the insane urge to publish another plugin.
I sent it for review on the first of January;...


Twenty-five years ago, Winamp was born, a media player for Windows that I have always loved.
I discovered by chance that there is a web version and a WordPress plugin derived from that version.


Finding the words

Last Thursday, I learned that Paolo Valenti, aka Wolly, passed away.
I have been trying to find the words to say so many things since Thursday, from how sorry I am to how important it was for me to know him and how important he was for the WordPress community in Italy.

Instead of looking for words I cannot find,...

Free time

I imagine that each person has their particular way of relaxing: take a walk, go to the beach, pursue their hobby, and so on.
The undersigned instead takes up this blog and does things. In this case, it is now possible to browse the blog entirely in English, from the homepage to the categories, up to the search....

Update post count for taxonomies in WordPress

This is a trick that has been useful to me many times, especially when I have had to import data from some other source. In this example the function retrieves all the taxonomies that are not those integrated into WordPress, but only the customized ones. By changing the _builtin parameter of get_taxonomies from false to true,...

Block some plugins from updating in WordPress

In this example, the update is blocked for Akismet and Classic Editor, but it can be used with any plugin. Don’t do this unless you have no alternatives....

/** * Block some plugins from updating * * @param array $parsed_args * @param string $url * * @return array * @throws JsonException */function wporg_block_update_specific_plugins( $parsed_args, $url ) { $blocked_plugins = ( 'akismet/akismet.php',

Remove the jQuery Migrate notice

Let’s say, for compatibility reasons, you can’t completely remove the jQuery Migrate script from your beautiful WordPress theme, and so far, everything is fine.

But seeing the warning in the console info all the time, that’s it, thank you, but no, thanks.
Four lines of code, and yoùll never see it again, regardless....

/** * Remove the very annoying jQuery Migrate notice.

So, about the newsletter

It’s amazing how pretty much all the plugins I’ve tried to get a newsletter on WordPress, even the one I’ve used for a while, are basically a kind of cancer: invasive in the admin interface, billions of mostly useless options, a bunch of additional tables on the database (one of them had 30. THIRTY. No, that’s not a joke), and finally totally incompatible with AMP....