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Finding the words

27 June 2022

Last Thursday, I learned that Paolo Valenti, aka Wolly, passed away. I have been trying to find the words to say so many things since Thursday, from how sorry I am to how important it was for me to know him and how important he was for the WordPress community...

WordCamp Milan 2019

02 September 2020

I realized that not only have I never written a post on WordCamp Milan 2019, but I have never even shared the slides. And in short, here they are. Sviluppare temi con Timber e Twig

The perfect square

08 April 2019

Like all numbers ending in nine, forty-nine is a bit of a step number, a prelude to the new integer. It is also a bit the figure of this year, year of transition, of expectations, of limbo. In short, this 49 is by no means perfect, despite the nature of...

WordCamp 2012

30 April 2012

Once again, this year, I will be attending the WordCamp to be held on 4 and 5 May (all the information you are looking for is on the WordCamp website). I am also taking the luxury of attending the day on Friday (last year was more interesting in all respects,...

One day you believe

04 June 2011

On a rainy Saturday morning, in a June that thinks it’s September, after two days spent at home when I should be working so as not to drag things that would then backfire on me, I happen to remember my blog. The q button is still missing from my mobile...

WordCamp Milan 2010

26 May 2010

Ultimately, I only managed to attend WordCamp on Saturday, although I got to look at the stream on Friday.I have to say that I enjoyed this edition of WordCamp: just the right balance of fun and seriousness, very interesting talks, and lots of people to say hello to and get...

A free chat

17 May 2010

We met them in San Babila and shook their hands. The idea stems from the realisation that we live in a society that offers fewer and fewer opportunities for people to communicate with each other. The idea is simple: a small table in Piazza San Babila, where a free chat...