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#171 - Welcome back, Ubuntu

And yesterday, I said goodbye to Windows XP for good and installed Ubuntu on my old laptop. I still need to sort out a few details and install programmes, but the installation was quick and easy, and the baby ® has come to life again. I still have to think about what to do with it, apart from connecting it to the barcode reader and maybe the printer;...

#163 - The concept of relaxation

One of the ways I relax is to clean up, reorganise, and rethink. So I decided to make a backup of the data I have on my trusty Melina on my external hard drive, networked using that wonderful little thing I got for my birthday. It was helpful, especially rearranging the ebooks, because I found some that I didn’t remember having and that will come in handy....

#157 - So long Windows XP, and thanks for all the fish

I have wanted to do this for a long time, but now the time has come. And so I picked up my little girl ®, cleaned her up a bit, uninstalled all the extra programmes, did a nice defrag and then put her in the capable hands of my trusted system engineer.
The idea was to virtualise the operating system and give the little girl ® a new lease of life with a friendly Ubuntu....

Just to say

Il software per il lettore di smart card per la Carta Regionale dei Servizi della Regione Lombardia esiste anche in versione per Ubuntu (notizia scovata grazie al gruppo Ubuntu Users/Linux User su Linkedin). Eviva.