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X, the networking site formerly known as Twitter

Something old, something new

Although I still haven’t finished that famous plugin, I got tired of the template for this blog.
This time I did not attempt to create an original design but copied it from another theme, Schism, which I had seen thanks to kOoLiNuS, and liked because it is minimalist.

I copied the HTML, the CSS and two JavaScripts,...

The death of Twitter

Elon Musk finally succeeded in destroying Twitter.

Since I joined 16 years ago, on 19 March 2007, there have been many whales and many remakes, but then at some point, it stabilised, and became my favourite social network.
In the beginning, there were also lovely things like Twitter Lingo, which I had done a translation of,...

#245 - TweetCaster

I wouldn’t include this app among the must-have apps on Android, but I did try the official Twitter app for a while. I have to say that my opinion, despite the improvements they’ve made, is still the same: it’s slow, I wouldn’t say I like the interface, and it lacks those little features that make all the difference.
And so,...

#133 - Seven years

Twitter anniversary

This morning Twitter made a point of letting me know that I signed up seven years ago today.
Not long after, on 19 August, I also joined Facebook, but while Facebook I used it very little, Twitter was my favourite social network practically from the start.
In the beginning,

The Rozzangeles correspondent, the return

For the sake of the record, I will give a little summary.
From September to today, which is the period during which this blog has been offline, a few things have changed.
I left the world of virtual comparators and the exceptionalexperience in Barcelonaaaaaa (only my ex-colleagues can understand this one, excuse me) to throw myself into a new adventure,...

One day you believe

On a rainy Saturday morning, in a June that thinks it’s September, after two days spent at home when I should be working so as not to drag things that would then backfire on me, I happen to remember my blog.

The q button is still missing from my mobile phone, and yes, it’s been two months since I started the new job....

Welcome to the magical world of high polystyrene

Foreword: I liked the post’s title, but it has nothing to do with the content.

I have freshened up this place a little, which has changed so many times that I don’t even remember them now.
But now I feel a little more comfortable, and I didn’t like the last template that much.

I always revolve around the same thoughts,...