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The Rozzangeles correspondent, the return

For the sake of the record, I will give a little summary.
From September to today, which is the period during which this blog has been offline, a few things have changed.
I left the world of virtual comparators and the exceptionalexperience in Barcelonaaaaaa (only my ex-colleagues can understand this one, excuse me) to throw myself into a new adventure,...

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it

This past month has been difficult, to say the least.
There are still plenty of difficulties from n thousand, but at least something has changed: from Montenapoleone, I have moved on to the Land of Melzo*.

The Land of Melzo is a magnificent place that can be reached in many ways: by choice of three trams (and a piece of road on foot),...

Work in progress

There is a particular satisfaction in setting up WordPress from scratch, a neat blog with no history, no past.
It is the thrill of starting again, even if it is not from scratch.

Let’s say I start again from three....

The skin has changed

The substance, not so much: unfortunately, I’m still the same old dick.
So I’ve chosen a template that’s already done, I’d say spring, and I’m customising it a bit.
I also changed the title because of a surreal discussion on Friendfeed and, in particular, this comment:

you could also open a blog in the style of Catriona’s,...

I would like to change skin

Ancora una volta, vorrei cambiare template al blog, ma sono proprio decisamente a corto di idee. Ogni suggerimento/idea sono bene accetti. (si, va meglio, è stato solo un momento di smarrimento.)

I don't know why

come qualcuno ha già notato, tra ieri l'altro e ieri mattina ho avuto un momento di follia e ho cambiato template. naturalmente, non sono completamente soddisfatta del risultato, il che vuol dire che lo cambierò ancora. se non altro, almeno questo è proporzionale, si vede benissimo con Opera Mini, è...