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Something old, something new

Although I still haven’t finished that famous plugin, I got tired of the template for this blog.
This time I did not attempt to create an original design but copied it from another theme, Schism, which I had seen thanks to kOoLiNuS, and liked because it is minimalist.

I copied the HTML, the CSS and two JavaScripts,...


Also, because everyone has their own way of relaxing, there is a small moon icon at the top right of this blog: if you click on it, the light turns off (that is to say, I have implemented thedark mode). Clicking on it again turns the light back on.Enjoy.

News at work: I became line manager for my new colleague....

New year, new theme

The new year’s list of good intentions was very short: just one, to finish the new theme for this blog by January 3.
And here it is, in all its glory: based on the official Timber starter themeand Bootstrap 5, as well as boot, the starter theme that you find shared in my GitHub profile....

Inside and outside

In the last few weeks, in my spare time, I have finally put into practice an idea that I have had for so many years that I don’t even remember how many: translate posts into English, but not with a plugin.

Specifically, I had in mind just what you see here: not to translate the whole site, but just to give the possibility to quickly see the same post in two languages ​​by clicking on a tab....

Changing hosting

Again, for the change series, I finally decided to go from DreamHost to OVH. In moving my sites, I also deleted some domains to remain with only two: this and the brand new super cool

The hosting solution I have chosen is not cheap, but I must say that it is giving me a lot of satisfaction in terms of performance....

#7 - Under the bonnet

It’s not that I didn’t like the template of this blog; it’s just that both externally and internally (in the administration), it loaded so many unnecessary things that it was way too slow.
So I made up my mind and brutally simplified it, minimally customised it (but it’s not much different from before), and I could also delete three plugins....

New year, new theme

I started the new year by making a clean sweep of many of the old objects in my home, and I don’t need them anymore.
No good intentions, just facts: I cleaned up the studiòs bookstores, including the boxes that are piled up above, taking out books, old pieces of computer science, and so on. Last night we were also greeted by some ancient pieces of furniture that had been so long I thought of throwing away (by calling the special service for special waste,...

The Rozzangeles correspondent, the return

For the sake of the record, I will give a little summary.
From September to today, which is the period during which this blog has been offline, a few things have changed.
I left the world of virtual comparators and the exceptionalexperience in Barcelonaaaaaa (only my ex-colleagues can understand this one, excuse me) to throw myself into a new adventure,...