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So long, and thanks for all the fish

The death of Twitter

Elon Musk finally succeeded in destroying Twitter.

Since I joined 16 years ago, on 19 March 2007, there have been many whales and many remakes, but then at some point, it stabilised, and became my favourite social network.
In the beginning, there were also lovely things like Twitter Lingo, which I had done a translation of,...

Goodbye, 2022

Goodbye, 2022; you have been a good year.

You gave us two more holidays: on 3 June, the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday and on 19 September, the Bank Holiday for the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.
The Queen indeed passed away, but she had time to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee and to celebrate it without the restrictions of the pandemic....

London Calling

The die is cast: right now, we are at the airport waiting for the departure of our one-way flight to London. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, and much has been done at the last minute. But we are leaving, and that is what counts. Our thoughts turn to what we leave behind: our beautiful little house, our friends,...

The house in a box

In the end, emptying the house and putting away what we wanted to save was longer and more physically and psychologically tiring than we thought. We are not finished yet, but we are well on our way.

We have been happy tenants of a box where the first boxes have been packed for a few days now. Seeing one’s home packed up inside a box makes an impression,...

Travelling light

The time has come to decide what to keep and leave behind.

As expected, we are clamouring late, but selecting what will remain is no easy task. In any case, much of the to-do list has been made.

In the polemic between better ebooks/the scent of paper books, I have always placed myself among those who think they are two very different ways of enjoying reading....

Happy New Year

The year is ending, and I confess: I don’t feel ready.

This 2014 had its ups and downs, but it was a year unlike any other in many respects.

It was the year I realised how much I like London and why. The year I started thinking about moving.

Many other good things also happened,...

Still on the high seas

Christmas is approaching, and the number of things done is not increasing. I have managed to freshen up the place, though it’s still not what I’d like; luckily, change is easy enough.

Tiredness has now reached guard level, and yesterday, while I was at my favourite hairdresser’s, I fell asleep dry, despite the house full of people and confusion,...

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

It has been about two months that I have had a list of five things to do that I cannot do in any way. Two months in which I should have found the time, the time has passed, and that list remains there.

A couple of things I have started, but there is still a long way to go to finish them....