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Summer holidays

11 September 2022

August was a long and challenging month, partly because of the heat and fatigue.But after almost three years, we returned to Italy at the end of the month.It wasn’t exactly a holiday: between relatives and friends, we were shuttled from the north-east to the north-west, and the only day we...

Happy Christmas

25 December 2015

We had decided some time ago to stay in London for the festive season to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks, and we did.Nothing was planned for Christmas, not even a tree. When we later got one, I was convinced that there would be few packages underneath since there were...

#59 - Here comes the hag

05 January 2014

A great classic of the Christmas holidays is visiting relatives. Today and tomorrow, it’s my turn, and since I’m bringing a few gifts, I’d say the part of the hag fits me like a glove (although looking back at the New Year’s photos, I’d say I look more like a...

#47 - The Eve

24 December 2013

For most people Christmas Eve often means last-minute gift-hunting, preparing dinner and/or lunch with relatives, maybe still a working day, even half a day, in short a fairly hectic day.For me, this has tended to mean relaxation for some time now, as somehow I always manage to get the presents...