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Shit day

Ready for winter

So, the flu vaccine was done last Monday, and the fourth COVID-19 vaccine was done last Saturday.
Even the cat had her vaccine on Friday.
Let it not be said that we were not prescient.

And after the vaccine, we took a tour of the newly renovated Battersea Power Station.
Unfortunately, however, today, or rather tonight,...

Finding the words

Last Thursday, I learned that Paolo Valenti, aka Wolly, passed away.
I have been trying to find the words to say so many things since Thursday, from how sorry I am to how important it was for me to know him and how important he was for the WordPress community in Italy.

Instead of looking for words I cannot find,...

#62 - Bad day

One of those where whatever you do or say, you get it wrong.
And you would love, just love, to have some understanding.
Maybe in the next life....


There are terrible days, like yesterday’s, you cannot forget for the rest of your life.
There are things in life that you hope will never happen to you. Instead, there is always a first time. The effort lies in trying not to be overwhelmed by guilt.

I focused yesterday on a particular memory of my father: those who knew him either loved him for his intelligence,...

In short

It is definitely less stressful and gives much more satisfaction to make a hard-earned move than to return to work....

Trick or treat?

I am here putting this morning’s events on paper because I hope it will help someone avoid trouble and anger. The same reason I stood by the vending machine the whole time I was waiting: I wanted to prevent anyone from suffering the same little joke played on me.

I quickly summarise: I get off the metro, pass through the turnstiles using my electronic card,...

There must be something more

Sometimes, the old questions return, overbearing.
They creep into everyday thoughts, into every day, for no apparent reason, without a logical thread.
They come, and they never go away.

This question is crucial for me.
I have spent a lifetime searching for an answer, but more importantly, I have spent a lifetime trying to understand the consequences....

One day you wake up

And you ask yourself: but me, what am I doing here?
The problem is not the answer; you know the answer.
The problem is having asked the question....