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Starting again

The New Year has brought me a good cough, which I have been carrying around since the first of January.
My holidays have passed without infamy or glory between the cough and the lousy weather.
I am slowly retranslating all the posts on this blog, and I am reading.
I mean: I’m reading(paper) comics for now (The Sandman),...

Thirty years ago

I had already written a post on the 20th anniversary of Italo Calvino’s death, but today I would like to add a few more thoughts.
Thirty years have passed since 19 September 1985, but the importance of this writer for me has not diminished, nor has the sorrow for his loss.
Among the books I did not give away or sell before living in London are his,...

#190 - Read, imperative

Yesterday an unusual thing happened: I was contacted by an English publisher to review a technical text on a PHP framework. Of course, I accepted, and I have to write the review by the 2nd of June. Fortunately, I have already regained the pleasure of reading, but now I will have to do it, and on a technical text; I hope I can do it....

#187 - A copy of a copy

Despite the pleasant evenings with friends and good food, like last night, and the fact that I have started reading again, and I am devouring the book as I haven’t remembered doing in at least a year, the days pass a bit like this, and everything seems like a copy of a copy of a copy.
And to think that the insomnia is even getting better....

#182 - Social and boredom

I must confess: for some time, social networks have been boring me.
Although I still manage to find something interesting on Twitter, otherwise it has become a kind of vicious circle: I open a social network at random to distract myself, look at two things, and find little or nothing interesting (apart from the thoughts/reflections of friends), wonder why I don’t stop,...

#169 - I got carried away

Since I had some time, I started to put the books I have in my room on Goodreads, which are mainly picture books that I have put on one bookshelf together with the Encyclopaedia Treccani and yet-to-be-read books that are on another bookshelf, on two shelves. I still haven’t finished the second bookshelf and am at 84 unread books.

#89 - The pain of having to delete books

I confess: I’m in love with books. I have a house full of books, beds, stretches, still to be read, historians, dictionaries, large and small encyclopedias, and so on. The book has always been a fetish, a sacred object of which, even now, I have profound respect.
This does not mean that you do not like ebooks: even those I have more than I will probably be able to read in my whole life....

Vintage, she said

After the renewal operation, I visited a few visits, including the ophthalmologist.
When you realize that to read on your mobile you move it at least 10 cm away, you know it’s your time has come.
In fact, the ophthalmologist confirmed my astigmatism (very slight, but with the advice of using the glasses I already had to watch television),...