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Wheee! It’s on its way!

This email’s subject confirms that my birthday present has been shipped and will arrive on 8 March. It is a reconditioned Dell Latitude 7390 13.3-inch.
And in case you’d like to give me a nice present too, my wishlist is still here (Italian list here).
I wouldn’t feel like celebrating my birthday this year, maybe because it’s Easter Saturday,...

For Christmas, send me your wishlists

I had already written about it eight years ago, but some still do not know that it exists and how it works.
Amazon provides a universal wishlist, i.e. you can create one or more wishlists where you can place products from any site.
Over time, other services have popped up that do the same thing: Thing To Get Me,...

And we got rid of this Christmas too

As usual, there were too many gifts under the tree, but thanks to everyone who gave them to us. More than any other year, I realized how much I love giving gifts, more than receiving them; I will equip myself for next year.

The new year is approaching, and I have found, among the thousands of newsletters that I receive,...

Happy Birthday to me

This semi-prime number, 51, is a bit like that, neither meat nor fish (my anguish does not subside).
I don’t really want to party, and anyway, the restaurants and pubs here reopen after 12.
Since January, we have been in a hard and pure lockdown; perhaps (perhaps) after May 17th, we could also travel,...

Merry Christmas

Also this year the time has come for “you and your family”.
I wrote very little this year, I would have liked to write a post on the WordCamp Milano but I postponed so much that it was Christmas. Maybe next year.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who sent gifts: thank you, really, you didn’t have to,...

The perfect square

Like all numbers ending in nine, forty-nine is a bit of a step number, a prelude to the new integer.
It is also a bit of this year’s figure, a year of transition, expectations, and limbo.
In short, this 49 is by no means perfect, despite the nature of the number.

The last month has been quite tricky from the health point of view,...

Rearranging ideas

Negli ultimi due mesi sono successe davvero moltissime cose, per la maggior parte molto belle. Alla fine l'azienda che “è una delle più grosse aziende nel mercato dei cosmetici, dei profumi e dei prodotti per la cura della pelle e dei capelli” mi ha confermato l'offerta, e ho dato le dimissioni....