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Starting the day has become complicated

21 November 2022

You feed your two black cats, Petula and Gigi, taking care that they don’t fight each other. Then comes the stray cat, renamed Tigger, and don’t you want to give him something to eat too? And the two squirrels arrive, one of which is pregnant.Then, perhaps, you can have breakfast...

Ready for winter

16 October 2022

So, the flu vaccine was done last Monday, and the fourth COVID-19 vaccine was done last Saturday.Even the cat had her vaccine on Friday.Let it not be said that we were not prescient. And after the vaccine, we took a tour of the newly renovated Battersea Power Station.Unfortunately, however, today,...


24 June 2017

Sometimes things happen that you just don’t expect: in this case, after being very lucky and having lived quietly in Castillo Ducie for almost two and a half years, a Friday 13 (June) arrives the news that we have two months to leave the house. Finding a house to rent...

London Calling, a year later

31 January 2016

A year has passed since we arrived, frightened and happy, here in London. I remember very well that Saturday, the empty house, the last problems, the plane that is flying and the sadness that assaults, the late arrival, the infinite kindness of our guest who offers us excellent red wine,...