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Service Notice

The year was 2014, and your heroine had purchased a PayPal Prepaid from Feltrinelli RED in Milan.
It had turned out to be quite a hoax, so when the expiry notice came in November 2017, and I had used it only once, I made it expire and goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.
I remembered that there was still some change left on the card,...

One morning, I woke up

I thought about it a little before writing about it, and I decided now, after checking that everything was okay, because I hope it’s useful to someone else.

Saturday, March 12, at 2:46 am, I get two emails: one from my Italian PayPal account (to have an account linked to my English credit card I had to make a new account),...

#253 - The figure of weariness

Fortunately, the contract sent for the PayPal prepaid had been validated, so I made the famous transfer to activate the card. OK, it’s not exactly a straightforward procedure, also because the IBAN on the card has to be quoted, and another number as the reason for the transfer. In short, the fact remains that I made a mistake in making the transfer (which,...

#247 - PayPal Prepaid: Lottomatica, you're doing it wrong

Today I happened to see the PayPal prepaid on sale at Feltrinelli RED. Since I have a credit card but don’t have a prepaid one and always like to use PayPal for online payment, I decided to buy it.
I didn’t realise that, of course, there was an activation to be done (and the forms to be filled out online are not exactly well done like you can’t scroll through them quickly with the tab) and a contract to be signed sent in....