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Brand new

On Monday, 18 September, I went to the consulate to renew my passport.

Not being in a particular hurry, I did it in the afternoon (they do urgent ones in the morning).
Apart from forgetting my old passport at home (luckily I was early and my sweetheart was wonderful enough to bring it to me), and having to prepare everything they ask you to bring beforehand,...

#247 - PayPal Prepaid: Lottomatica, you're doing it wrong

Today I happened to see the PayPal prepaid on sale at Feltrinelli RED. Since I have a credit card but don’t have a prepaid one and always like to use PayPal for online payment, I decided to buy it.
I didn’t realise that, of course, there was an activation to be done (and the forms to be filled out online are not exactly well done like you can’t scroll through them quickly with the tab) and a contract to be signed sent in....

#125 - Habemus Passport

Renewing my passport was less painful than I thought it would be. It was enough to follow the online instructions, register and make an appointment, do all the paperwork (I managed to do it all on a Saturday), go to the appointment, and after 15 working days (so I was told, I applied on 17 February, the passport was issued on 27 February) call to find out if it was ready and go and pick it up....