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Notes for the future

The corporate Christmas middle school party

I am writing it here as a mental note to remind me before the next party.
I have never liked company parties; I have always found them somewhat hypocritical.
In recent years in the UK, I have tried to participate in any case, more than more to get to know my colleagues outside of work.
I still remember the first Christmas party with terror,...

One morning, I woke up

I thought about it a little before writing about it, and I decided now, after checking that everything was okay, because I hope it’s useful to someone else.

Saturday, March 12, at 2:46 am, I get two emails: one from my Italian PayPal account (to have an account linked to my English credit card I had to make a new account),...

Oh right, I forgot

I haven’t had my nose piercing since 1 September.
Out of laziness: I had to take it out to have an MRI, I couldn’t put it back in right away, and now it’s closed.
After nine years of honourable service, a prece....

New year, new theme

Per la fine dell'anno mi sono voluta regalare un tema nuovo fatto con le mie manine. Niente di spettacolare, una cosa semplice, che utilizzerò anche per tutti gli altri siti/blog che ho. C'è una sola immagine, tutto il resto è fatto coi Google Fonts. UPDATE: grazie a Paul che mi...


There are days when it is not a day.
On those days when it’s not a day, all kinds of things happen in the day that makes you say it’s not a day.
And when you get to say it’s not a day, the day gets worse and makes you say it’s not a day again.
If possible,...

The soul

I have too romantic and idealistic a soul for such an ugly world.

Last night I dreamt of saying these words. I do not remember anything else....

Listening to the holidays

A parte mezza giornata di pioggia, sole, sole, sole. Non ho intenzione di ammorbare nessuno dicendo dove siamo stati, cosa abbiamo fatto, quanto sono state belle le vacanze. Niente filmini, poche foto su Flickr (e non mi offendo se nessuno le guarda). Al posto del filmino, ecco un minuto di...

I was thinking*

The hairdresser informs me by text message that she gives free haircuts, the landlord can be reached by e-mail, the plumber has his website, I made the dentist’s website, with all her contacts in plain sight, including her mobile phone, and contact hours.
Years ago, it seemed that things like this would never come to Italy; now that they are a reality,...