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New Year’s Day

Goodbye, 2022

31 December 2022

Goodbye, 2022; you have been a good year. You gave us two more holidays: on 3 June, the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday and on 19 September, the Bank Holiday for the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.The Queen indeed passed away, but she had time to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee...

Happy New Year

31 December 2015

This year has undoubtedly been an exceptional, unrepeatable year.Looking back on everything that has happened, I can say that it certainly has not been an easy year; it has been very tiring but also full of satisfaction.On 31 January next, it will be one year that we are in London...

Happy Christmas

25 December 2015

We had decided some time ago to stay in London for the festive season to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks, and we did.Nothing was planned for Christmas, not even a tree. When we later got one, I was convinced that there would be few packages underneath since there were...

2010, the year of contact

04 January 2010

We spent the first day of the year seeing the Gehry exhibition.The second is by shopping for sales.Yesterday the first very welcome guests arrived at our new home.And today is the first Monday of the year, and I’m home on holiday and going shopping soon.So far, it’s not snowing, despite...

With comfortable

03 January 2009

Photo by donetta I chose today to write the first post of 2009 because 3 is my lucky number, but also because the watchword this year is: relax. I hope you all had a good New Year’s Eve; mine can be summed up with a great dinner, excellent company and...