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My own business

Being a senior developer

To recap: as I had already written, the move from Helpful Digital to dxw was not of my own volition, and I had lost the role I had.
Last Friday, I was promoted to Old Programmer (Senior Developer). It’s also true that the role is a bit different: for example, I wasn’t a line manager in Helpful, I didn’t mentor anyone,...

Good but not great

(I won’t comment on the result of the general election because I have no words, only swear words)
Yesterday I had a check-up with the periodontist, and it didn’t go so well.
After two painful and complex operations in the past few months, I still have problems, so much so that we’re meeting again in November to see whether or not to remove the top two wisdom teeth....

In memoriam

May 20, 2019 – April 12, 2022.
Almost three years of a very dignified life, never a problem, never a difficulty.
Today I sent my Pixel 3a as a trade-in for my new Pixel 6 Pro.

I will miss you, faithful little friend....

No title.

  • Whenever there is a meeting, it takes an average of 20/30 minutes to regain proper attention to the code to be developed. It would be very nice if this were taken into consideration.
  • If in the 15 minutes of morning stand-up with the customer, the question is always: this thing you are working on, how is it going?
  • ...

My policy on Facebook (update)

My Facebook profile has gone public. I am aware of the fact that writing something online still means losing control of it, and therefore I have decided that most of what I have written and will write can easily be visible to anyone. I’ve also been open to Google search, friend requests, and public comments.

Over time, I will also make the old posts public: I am doing it day by day using the memories of the day function....

I've got some bad news for you sunshine


One morning, I woke up (ahem) with this song in my head for an absolutely unknown reason.
It’s been almost two months since it doesn’t want to leave (because sometimes they come back, in the sense that I have listened to the album billions of times since it came out).

Not just this song,

There is always a first time

I am only writing it now, because my laziness this year has become almost proverbial, at least as far as writing and reading are concerned: on Sunday 9th August a wasp stung me.

It had never happened to me before, and I’m reasonably sure of it because I don’t remember a sharp, stinging pain like that.

Luckily I had the quick wit to extract the sting,...