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My own business

In memoriam

12 April 2022

May 20, 2019 – April 12, 2022. Almost three years of a very dignified life, never a problem, never a difficulty. Today I sent my Pixel 3a as a trade-in for my new Pixel 6 Pro. I will miss you, faithful little friend.

No title.

09 September 2021

Whenever there is a meeting, it takes an average of 20/30 minutes to regain proper attention to the code to be developed. It would be very nice if this were taken into consideration. If in the 15 minutes of morning stand-up with the customer, the question is always: this thing...

My policy on Facebook (update)

09 September 2020

My Facebook profile has gone public. I am aware of the fact that writing something online still means losing control of it, and therefore I have decided that most of what I have written and will write can easily be visible to anyone. I’ve also been open to Google search,...

I've got some bad news for you sunshine

04 September 2020

One morning, I woke up (ahem) with this song in my head for an absolutely unknown reason. It’s been almost two months since it doesn’t want to leave (because sometimes they come back, in the sense that I have listened to the album billions of times since it came out)....

There is always a first time

01 September 2020

I am only writing it now, because my laziness this year has become almost proverbial, at least as far as writing and reading are concerned: on Sunday 9th August a wasp stung me. It had never happened to me before, and I’m reasonably sure of it because I don’t remember...

Changing hosting

03 April 2018

Again, for the change series, I finally decided to go from DreamHost to OVH. In moving my sites, I also deleted some domains to remain with only two: this and the brand new super cool The hosting solution I have chosen is not cheap, but I must say that...

I should

04 March 2012

M’arzo has arrived, I have finished physiotherapy, I have not decided yet if I will do the piercing again. I did some cosmetic shopping as a consolation prize, like the False Lashes Extreme Black by MAC Cosmetics, a very black mascara, which lengthens the lashes well. For now, since the...