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Goodbye, 2023

I wouldn’t know how to define the year that is ending, except that it has been a year with ups and downs.
I have written 25 posts this year, including this one, around two a month.
After being promoted to Senior Developer last year, this year was also the year of the salary increase (after nine months since the promotion)....

As it is, as it is not

Because since Thursday has been a bank holiday all over the UK due to Platinum Jubilee, as I wrote in the previous post, I relaxed by removing Timber from the theme of this blog.
Today is neighbourhood party day, the perpendicular street to ours is closed and full of flags, and there is music.
The candidate would tell us in which district of London it is taking place after listening to the audio file below,...

January 8th 1947 - January 10th 2016

This morning I left the house, put on my headphones, started Winamp on my phone, and started listening to this song.

And I cried.

For as long as I can remember, the only other time I have cried over a famous person’s death was when Italo Calvino left us in 1985.
Since I began to realise I was in the world,


I have collected a few scattered remarks about the work, or at least about what I have experienced in person and about which I have pretty reliable information.

1) It would appear that it is not easy to dismiss a permanent (our permanent) employee for reasons related to the job itself, e.g. if the employee does not do his job and causes damage to the company....

#321 - Music, maestro

Today has been a tiring day, thankfully a productive one nonetheless, but since yesterday I have had a little reason to rejoice: the soundtrack of these days has changed.
For me, to find something I like, musically speaking, is rare, and I often start listening to something but don’t get excited about it.
Like everyone who gets older,...

#309 - Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire (an explanation of what the title means can be found here) is an American series broadcast since 1 June 2014 on AMC. It has to its credit a 10-episode first season that ended on 3 August and has been renewed for a second series.
I am only talking about this show, despite finding it very good,...

#272 - Canicola, Radio2

One thing I have been doing for many, many years is to turn on the radio while preparing my lunch, which, again for many years, has been fixed on Radio2, where I have been able to listen to very nice programmes (one above all: Jack Folla, but there are many others).
On Monday, I switch it on to my little radio,...

#135 - A plunge into the heart

Today we went to see the new Eataly that has taken the place of the Teatro Smeraldo, also because our favourite Milanese band, the Woody Gipsy Band, was playing.
The concert was, as always, sound and fun.
Eataly is also nice; there are excellent products at prices that are not so different from the supermarket. It will be a constant temptation for me because there are Biofficina Toscana products....