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London Calling

And we are up to nine

Yes, nine years have passed since that day there.

No British passport, at least for now.
But if I had been told that I would be working for the same company for four years 1 and that my sweetheart would be working for a television network, I would not have believed it.
Despite everything, I am still very happy living here....

The fifth circle of Hell

Yesterday was the anniversary of our arrival in London: six years have passed. Compared to last year, it has not changed so much, apart from the pandemic.

The thing that has really changed is that Brexit has become a reality: this is going so well, that Ben Fletcher, the policy director of Make UK, which represents manufacturers across the UK,...

Five years

Today is five years from that day when terrified and happy we chose to come and live in London.

I am still happy to live here, for many reasons; I’ll try to list some of them.

London is for me the closest to the ideal city: aesthetically beautiful, genuinely multicultural, full of events, exhibitions,...

And it's four

Sono passati quattro anni. Sembra ieri, ma qui a Londra ormai mi sento a casa. Per quanto riguarda la Brexit, una sola certezza: comunque vada, sarà un disastro.

London Calling, something has changed

Primo post del 2018, anno che si è presentato bene fin dall'inizio. Sono passati tre anni da quel giorno in cui, armi e bagagli, abbiamo deciso di cambiare completamente la nostra vita. Rispetto a due anni fa però le cose sono cambiate, in meglio o in peggio non sono in grado di giudicare obiettivamente, so solo che a me sembra in meglio.

London Calling, a year later

A year has passed since we arrived, frightened and happy, here in London.
I remember very well that Saturday, the empty house, the last problems, the plane that is flying and the sadness that assaults, the late arrival, the infinite kindness of our guest who offers us excellent red wine, the first tour of Clapham High Street, our first room,...

London Calling

The dice are cast: right now, we are at the airport waiting for the departure of our one-way flight to London. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, and much has been done at the last minute. But we are leaving, and that is what counts. Our thoughts turn to what we leave behind: our beautiful little house, our friends,...