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Life, the universe and everything

Will there be life after death?

19 November 2022

It’s not a philosophical question, although that is my field.It is more of a concrete question: I had heard of human composting some time ago, but I thought it was futuristic. Instead, it already exists: it is done, for example, by a Seattle-based company that specialises in the service. The process...

Mind the gap

22 March 2015

So after almost a month and a half, I got a job too; I started last Wednesday. The impact of the job was less terrible than I thought, although, of course, I still have some difficulties (with the language, especially). I can’t say it’s my life’s work, so far I’ve...

See you later

22 November 2014

Today this blog is ten years old. Ten tormented years, starting on Splinder, passing through other platforms with other names like so many others, to finally land on a dedicated domain with WordPress. Ten years have passed, closed and reopened many times, and it is still here.The time has come...

The 15-year rule

15 November 2014

On this dreary day, with thunder and lightning from a summer storm, it occurred to me that at the end of this month, it will be 15 years since I have lived in Milan.My life so far has been divided more or less into 13, almost 14 years in Rome...

#236 - Blue Journey by David Middendorps

01 July 2014

One of the things I did in life, which I can no longer do, is contemporary dance.Although I don’t practise anymore, I still greatly appreciate the genre, and I think some performances are brilliant. Today my sweetheart showed me this film, and I tried to find out who created it...

#205 - Sleep debt

31 May 2014

I have already written that I am feeling exhausted these days, right? Despite the vitamin treatment, I literally cannot stay awake today. I wondered why, when then I realised how busy this week has been and how busy next week will be too.In short, I owe a sleep debt that...

#88 - Rearranging ideas

03 February 2014

I have made, and am still making, some big and small changes in my life. So far, they have all been very positive, so I intend to continue on that path.However, I don’t want to get lost in the small changes by losing sight of the big ones, so I...

#62 - Bad day

08 January 2014

One of those where whatever you do or say, you get it wrong.And you would love, just love, to have some understanding.Maybe in the next life.