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# 227 - Continuum

22 June 2014

Canadian science fiction series, broadcast by Showcase, started on May 27, 2012, has 3 seasons to its credit, the third is just over, last episode broadcast today. The theme is that of time travel, the triggering event is the jump back of 65 years, from 2077 to the present day,...

# 54 - Goodbye, two thousand acre

31 December 2013

Finally this year it’s going to end. Now I do not remember how many years, the end of the year tends to be a blessing, a way to say the point, I hope, we hope it goes better. All in all it went a bit better than 2012, I admit...

# 42 - But I feel nauseous

19 December 2013

Today there was the famous audience, the result is that we will know something, if all goes well, in a couple of months. I have nothing to add.