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Remove the jQuery Migrate notice

03 September 2021

Let’s say, for compatibility reasons, you can’t completely remove the jQuery Migrate script from your beautiful WordPress theme, and so far, everything is fine. But seeing the warning in the console info all the time, that’s it, thank you, but no, thanks. Four lines of code, and yoùll never see...

How to replace the default jQuery library of WordPress

29 March 2012

It can happen that you have to use multiple jQuery scripts at the same time, and perhaps these scripts have a different version of the jQuery library than the last one by default in WordPress. a library that is downloaded and inserted directly into the theme. In the first case,...

$ is not a function

22 June 2010

I found myself having to manage JQuery functions in a WordPress plugin, and the error returned was that of the title: $ is not a function. The trick, which worked for me, is replacing all dollar signs $ with jQuery. Practical example: Let’s say the code I’m using is $(document).ready(function(){...