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Never a joy

Hello xlthlx, how are you?

‘morning, I’m going to the dentist soon to have two wisdom teeth removed. You?


I’m hanging in there and waiting for a call for surgery on a shoulder that decided to come out ole’!


How are things in England?...

I see people on holiday

I have done everything in such a rush over the last few days that I haven’t had time to realise that I am officially on holiday.

The heat broke out here, in the sense that it went from near-winter cold to oppressive heat without passing the start.

Right now I’m sipping a Spritz while I’m getting a pedicure,...

Go vote, thieving misery

As usual, the rest of us vote by post, and I have already done my duty.
And as usual, I remind you that you must:

1. Inform yourself. Even if you already know what to vote for, look at the election programmes of the other parties. It never hurts; it is never enough. And beware of fake news....

Summer holidays

August was a long and challenging month, partly because of the heat and fatigue.
But after almost three years, we returned to Italy at the end of the month.
It wasn’t exactly a holiday: between relatives and friends, we were shuttled from the north-east to the north-west, and the only day we didn’t walk kilometres and have dinner/lunch/aperitifs with someone was the day before we took the plane home when we enjoyed the spa....

And it's four

Sono passati quattro anni. Sembra ieri, ma qui a Londra ormai mi sento a casa. Per quanto riguarda la Brexit, una sola certezza: comunque vada, sarà un disastro.

Happy New Year

This year has undoubtedly been an exceptional, unrepeatable year.
Looking back on everything that has happened, I can say that it certainly has not been an easy year; it has been very tiring but also full of satisfaction.
On 31 January next, it will be one year that we are in London and officially registered as Italians abroad....

There and back again

After almost seven months, returning to Italy was different from what I had expected.
I thought I was having a massive bout of nostalgia, thinking I wanted to come back at all costs.
But no.
Mind you; I was delighted to see my friends and relatives again and to see the places where I had lived for 15 years;...

A year ago

A year ago, my forced leave began on the first of August.
A year later, I can say it: in July, I had changed jobs, still a project contract, for one month, and even before signing, I had asked if, provided there was the will to continue the collaboration, the new contract would start in August or September. I was told that the new contract would begin immediately after the first one (I still have the emails about it,...