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I love Mik

#34 - Sometimes they come back (nerd version)

xlthlx: it’s nice to work with people who don’t understand what an objects language is
Mik: objects language is when you throw things at people to make yourself understood
xlthlx: you are a genius
Mik: thanks, too good...

Guess who's coming to chat

Mik: preciousssssssssssss
xlthlx: loooooooove
xlthlx: oh god
xlthlx: but wasn’t it the other way around?
Mik: fuck I know 😛
xlthlx: somewhere, I have the logs….
xlthlx: ah, good times when we were young
Mik: like when you used to show me lewd pictures from ten years earlier
Mik: to lure me into your trap
xlthlx: naa,...

Sometimes they come back (again)

Mik: But you were already nerd when I was still playing solitaire.

Yesterday, on the occasion of my birthday, I managed to finally have a chat with this shady individual. It is good to hear from friends again. It is a great pity not to hear them more often.

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And they don't want to leave

Mik: kiss (to sister)
Mik: who then
Mik: if you are xlthlx
xlthlx: yes?
Mik: what’s her name?
Mik: ylthly?

(Great Returns, on Rieducational Channel.)

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Hello there

Ecco il classico post per dire: ci sono, non sono sparita, è solo che non so cosa scrivere. Ci sono pessime notizie e notizie buone, ma niente di eclatante. Potrei solo dire che non sento un granchè il Natale quest'anno, con la crisi che c'è, ma parlare della crisi mi...


Nuntio vobis that yesterday was celebrating his birthday the little u-turn of the universe dearest to me: Mik.
It is well known how much I adore this guy. So I dedicate a song to him, hoping he will like it.

Lots of watermelons.

Who has teeth

xlthlx (21.12): I say
xlthlx (21.12): tonight would be a night to fuck the world
xlthlx (21.12): it’s pouring.
xlthlx (21.12): but it’s not
Mik (21.12): shit
Mik (21.12): when it’s pouring, it’s the best
xlthlx (21.12): I have to make do with a hot bath
xlthlx (21.12): Oh yes
Mik (21.13): lights off but shutters up
xlthlx (21.13): there is also thunder
Mik (21.13): with rain and lightning outside
Mik (21.13): deadly
xlthlx (21.13): Exactly
Mik (21.13): Look,...