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I love Mik

# 34 - Sometimes they come back (nerd version)

11 December 2013

xlthlx: it’s nice to work with people who do not know what an object language is Mik: object language is when you pull things to people to make you understand xlthlx: yoùre a genius Mik: thank you, too good

Guess who is in the chat

07 May 2012

Mik: tesssssssssssssoro xlthlx: ammmoooooooore xlthlx: ohio xlthlx: but was not the opposite? Mik: fuck I know: P xlthlx: somewhere I have the logs … xlthlx: ah, what a good time, when we were young Mik: like when you showed me photos of ten years ago Mik: to lure me into...

Sometimes they come back (again)

09 April 2011

Mik: But you were already nerd when I was still playing solitaire. Yesterday, on the occasion of my birthday, I managed to finally have a chat with this shady individual. It is good to hear from friends again. It is a great pity not to hear them more often. (For...

And they do not want to go

12 May 2009

Mik: kiss (to the sister) Mik: what then Mik: if you are xlthlx xlthlx: yes? Mik: what’s her name? Mik: ylthly? (Great returns, on Rieduchèscional Ciannel.) (For those not orientated, just follow the appropriate category i love mik.)

Hello there

16 December 2008

Here is the classic post to say: I am there, I have not disappeared, it’s just that I don’t know what to write. There are bad news and good news, but nothing striking. I could only say that I don’t hear much about Christmas this year, with the crisis that...


16 July 2007

Nuntio vobis who yesterday celebrated his birthday the small U-turn of the universe most dear to me: Mik. It is well known how much i love this guy. So I dedicate a song to him, hoping he likes it. Lots of watermelons.

Who has teeth

04 May 2007

xlthlx writes (21.12): I say xlthlx writes (21.12): tonight would be a world fuck evening xlthlx writes (21.12): it pours. xlthlx writes (21.12): but no Mik || ortiele writes (21.12): shitMik || ortiele writes (21.12): when it rains it is the maximum xlthlx writes (21.12): I have to settle for...