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I see people on holiday

I have done everything in such a rush over the last few days that I haven’t had time to realise that I am officially on holiday.

The heat broke out here, in the sense that it went from near-winter cold to oppressive heat without passing the start.

Right now I’m sipping a Spritz while I’m getting a pedicure,...

Happy New Year of the Lucky Rabbit

Where were we? Ah, yes, the new year.

This 2023, the rest of us will have an extra national holiday day, but my birthday will be on Holy Saturday (which I am not very happy about).

Date Day of the week Bank holiday 2 January Monday New Year’s Day (substitute day) 7 April Friday Good Friday 10 April Monday Easter Monday 1 May Monday Early May bank holiday 8 May Monday Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III 29 May Monday Spring bank holiday 28 August Monday Summer bank holiday 25 December Monday Christmas Day 26 December Tuesday Boxing Day

Public Holidays in the United Kingdom year 2023,

Something's happening

This July was also tiring because of that week when we almost reached 40 degrees, and then the temperatures plummeted (about 10 degrees). Between the heat and the increased workload, I feel exhausted, and for the Holidays, those with a capital H, I will have to wait until September.

Meanwhile, I keep doing little things on this blog: I have added two pages where there are Films and TV series that I recommend....

Happy Birthday to me

This semi-prime number, 51, is a bit like that, neither meat nor fish (my anguish does not subside).
I don’t really want to party, and anyway, the restaurants and pubs here reopen after 12.
Since January, we have been in a hard and pure lockdown; perhaps (perhaps) after May 17th, we could also travel,...

A year ago

A year ago, my forced leave began on the first of August.
A year later, I can say it: in July, I had changed jobs, still a project contract, for one month, and even before signing, I had asked if, provided there was the will to continue the collaboration, the new contract would start in August or September. I was told that the new contract would begin immediately after the first one (I still have the emails about it,...

#276 - The week of Ferragosto

This blog usually reaches a number of visits close to ridiculous, but in the last two days, one can count them on the fingers of one hand. It is a bit like what is happening to the city, which has emptied wonderfully. Somehow, in Italy, still in 2014, most people go on holiday this week, the week of Ferragosto, and more generally in August,...

#268 - Forced holidays

As of yesterday, I am officially on forced holiday until the end of the month (or maybe not, we will see). In other words, I am not on holiday (holidays tend to be that beautiful period where you rest, maybe go somewhere that is not the city where you work but still receive a salary).
And so, to worthily inaugurate the period,...

#36 - The extent of the disaster

I only realised last night that the last time I had a permanent contract was precisely three years and eight months ago, that famous contract for which I am still in litigation.
This in itself would not even be such a big deal if it were not for the fact that precarious contracts are a total farce: they are employee contracts,...