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Half sweet

#99 - Valentine's Day is my historical nemesis

Let’s face it: in Italy, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a commercial holiday.
While abroad, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, there is the tradition of exchanging valentines, the characteristic greeting cards, here in Italy, this tradition has never been a success.
On the other hand, commercially speaking, it is a real bombshell.
I have always been relatively cool about celebrating on this day: if I didn’t have someone to celebrate with,...

#47 - The Eve

For most people, Christmas Eve often means last-minute gift-hunting, preparing dinner and/or lunch with relatives, maybe still a working day, even half a day; it’s a fairly hectic day.
For me, this has tended to mean relaxation for some time now, as somehow I always manage to get the presents done earlier, and my relatives are scattered around Italy,...

#28 - Six years

Six years ago, I would not have imagined how much has changed our lives, for better or worse.
For good, it has changed that we have arrived here together, and every day spent together has meaningand direction.
Happy birthday my sweet half; we deserve to celebrate today.
Thank you for being there,...