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Half sweet

Brand new

On Monday, 18 September, I went to the consulate to renew my passport.

Not being in a particular hurry, I did it in the afternoon (they do urgent ones in the morning).
Apart from forgetting my old passport at home (luckily I was early and my sweetheart was wonderful enough to bring it to me), and having to prepare everything they ask you to bring beforehand,...

And then the coronavirus came

At midnight on April 8, after 76 days, the quarantine of Wuhan, the Chinese city where the coronavirus epidemic started (SARS-CoV- 2), which so far has caused more than 80 thousand deaths worldwide.

via IlPost

When I booked the tickets for the Bauhaus concert, which miraculously was the same day as my birthday, and I asked my brother if he was coming with me,...

The fifth magic number

I’m turning fifty today.

For those of my generation, the goals of a person my age would have been buying a house, getting married, having children, having a good job, and preparing for retirement.

According to these criteria, I would be almost a complete failure: I never bought a house, I never married, I can no longer have children,...

The perfect square

Like all numbers ending in nine, forty-nine is a bit of a step number, a prelude to the new integer.
It is also a bit of this year’s figure, a year of transition, expectations, and limbo.
In short, this 49 is by no means perfect, despite the nature of the number.

The last month has been quite tricky from the health point of view,...

And it's been three

Today it is (we should use the conditional since the civil union should no longer be valid since we are no longer residents in Milan) three years since my sweetheart and I joined civilly.
Last year we spent it in the hospital since I ended up there for a week, and I was writing:

And so happy anniversary to us,...

γνῶθι σεαυτόν

It has been almost a month since we arrived here, and a lot has happened.

We have moved four times, and before long, we will probably change again, but we now have our own micro flat now.

Despite interviews, around ten so far, I think, I still haven’t found a job; the good news is that my better half has found one,...

#347 - Happy birthday to you

I know, I realise it: to say that I feel lucky to have someone like my sweet half beside me is getting boring.
But it is: and today is his birthday.
There’s not much to say: I would much rather have been fine, not to have worried him, and to have adequately celebrated.
But it was not possible for me,...

#331 - Two years

Spending the anniversary of our civil union in the hospital is not exactly the best, but I would say that, in any case, I have nothing to complain about, on the contrary.
Yesterday a nurse jokingly said, addressing my sweetheart: of course, she could have chosen another way to attract attention.
It stuck with me because if there is one thing I don’t lack,...