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Greetings from the hospital

#333 - The seventh hole

The seventh time they stuck a needle in me was good: my CRP dropped from 135 last Monday to 30 and finally to an expected value. I’ll be as good as new with another 15 days of antibiotics and a low-fibre diet.
This morning they didn’t tell me I could go out; they evicted me from bed because they needed to: I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be expelled....

#332 - The silver lining

So yesterday, we celebrated by playing with some Lego Star Wars because a day here is long to spend.
On my sixth day in the hospital, I have to say that I’m starting to pause; I know that I still have to be patient, but since I’m doing so well, I had hoped to be kicked out as early as today,...

#331 - Two years

Spending the anniversary of our civil union in the hospital is not exactly the best, but I would say that, in any case, I have nothing to complain about, on the contrary.
Yesterday a nurse jokingly said, addressing my sweetheart: of course, she could have chosen another way to attract attention.
It stuck with me because if there is one thing I don’t lack,...

#330 - Yay, I can eat

After two and a half days of fasting, yesterday’s orzo seemed like the best thing in the world (to be fair, the broth was great, shame about the orzo, which looked like glue), and today, hallelujah, they’re going to make me eat more or less normally. With the hunger I have today, I would even devour a buffalo.
The great thing about this morning is that along with one of the trombones from the other day,...

#329 - Colour Notes

I no longer have my beautiful lilac nails because otherwise, they couldn’t take my pulse.
On the other hand, I have my beautiful little socks with eyes, which are very comfortable.
The doctors today seemed to me sincerely much more reliable than yesterday; a man and a woman, the man in particular, with whom I had the opportunity to have a word,...

#328 - I am a freak

During the night in the emergency room, two funny things happened: one, that the elderly couple, brother and sister, who live in the same landing, were also there because he had not been well; and that the nurses referred to me as the young woman with diverticulitis (a kind of freak, in short). I would have liked to explain to him that I am not young and that after 40,...

#327 - Patience

There’s always a first time, and in this case, it was staying in the emergency room overnight because it was evident from the blood tests that I had inflammation but they needed to keep me from eating for a while to see where this blessed infection was.
And so another first, this morning: the CT scan with contrast, which I think will remain in my memory for a long time....