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Good resolutions

The Queen is dead, and I don't feel so good either

Yesterday was Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Since it was a national holiday, I watched it from the comfort of home, on the BBC.
Today I went to the new office and felt a bit like a schoolgirl on the first day of school.
The building is very nice and distinctive, the coffee quite good, the location extremely convenient to reach and full of shops....

Good resolutions

- Indeciso su un acquisto? Aspetta 72 ore prima di farlo. - Dedica 10 minuti al giorno a fare qualcosa che ti piace davvero, che si tratti di leggere un libro o giocare ad Halo.

Happy New Year

This year has been a difficult year, not so much because negative things have happened, but because I managed to complicate my life alone. I also wrote very little, maybe one of the years I wrote less, even though I had many drafts that at this point no longer makes sense to publish.
But since I’m a lucky girl,...

New year, new theme

I started the new year by making a clean sweep of many of the old objects in my home, and I don’t need them anymore.
No good intentions, just facts: I cleaned up the studiòs bookstores, including the boxes that are piled up above, taking out books, old pieces of computer science, and so on. Last night we were also greeted by some ancient pieces of furniture that had been so long I thought of throwing away (by calling the special service for special waste,...

New year, new theme

Per la fine dell'anno mi sono voluta regalare un tema nuovo fatto con le mie manine. Niente di spettacolare, una cosa semplice, che utilizzerò anche per tutti gli altri siti/blog che ho. C'è una sola immagine, tutto il resto è fatto coi Google Fonts. UPDATE: grazie a Paul che mi...

Proposals for the new decade

Making resolutions and not sticking to them is not my cup of tea.
But maybe taking stock makes sense.

What I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now is to nurture my friendships a bit more, and to be honest, I’m not succeeding. I tell myself it’s not the right time, but moments pass and never return,...