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Expat life

Never a joy

Hello xlthlx, how are you?

‘morning, I’m going to the dentist soon to have two wisdom teeth removed. You?


I’m hanging in there and waiting for a call for surgery on a shoulder that decided to come out ole’!


How are things in England?...

e-Vote, you are doing it right

On 20 November, the Ministry of the Interior sent us an email to let us know that they would open voting on e-Vote, the portal for simulating the digital vote of Italians abroad.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that by virtue of your digital identity you will be able to participate in the first e-voting simulation to be carried out by the Ministry of the Interior on 13 and 14 December....

Happy Birthday to me

This semi-prime number, 51, is a bit like that, neither meat nor fish (my anguish does not subside).
I don’t really want to party, and anyway, the restaurants and pubs here reopen after 12.
Since January, we have been in a hard and pure lockdown; perhaps (perhaps) after May 17th, we could also travel,...

Reiterate the concept

The AstraZeneca is strong with me, as I have already written.

What I didn’t tell is how I got there to get the vaccination.
March 14th, I get an SMS from LambethHubs saying:
Your GP Practice has invited you to book your COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Great, my sweet half has already done it (Pfizer);...

The fifth circle of Hell

Yesterday was the anniversary of our arrival in London: six years have passed. Compared to last year, it has not changed so much, apart from the pandemic.

The thing that has really changed is that Brexit has become a reality: this is going so well, that Ben Fletcher, the policy director of Make UK, which represents manufacturers across the UK,...

Merry Christmas

Also this year the time has come for “you and your family”.
I wrote very little this year, I would have liked to write a post on the WordCamp Milano but I postponed so much that it was Christmas. Maybe next year.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who sent gifts: thank you, really, you didn’t have to,...

Happy #blogversary

Today this blog is 15 years old.
How time passes when you have fun.
(I’m not in the psycho-physical condition of writing something sensible, bare with me.)...