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It's not a joke

26 March 2011

Although obviously speaking about it on this blog must have brought me bad luck last time, I say this time too: from Friday, April 1st, I will start a new job. I say no more, for good luck. Meanwhile, I did other spring cleaning above, added things, removed others. And...

Like a turkey singing I will survive

12 January 2009

Yesterday I got to make my first video with the E71: the lights they put on the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. I like it so much that I stopped at least three times to watch them, and then make a movie (which naturally makes the idea but nothing more) was...


27 December 2008

After having spent a tremendous work eve, Santa Nachele brought me many presents, three of which were unexpected. One is the one I deserve less, but that has made me finally less technodisable: this wonder. The other two gave me the impression that they had agreed before, but it is...