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Den free everyone

What does it mean to me?

So, I discovered today, just because there was an article about it, that the International Environment Festival started yesterday,

first initiative sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, the Province of Milan and the Lombardy Region on the way to Expo 2015, aims to promote scientific and political reflection on the most urgent challenges in terms of climate and environment,...

Dreams come true

After more than seven months of waiting, I finally got my La 220 contract to sign today.
Besides the obvious advantage of being green energy, the offer I was given is a fixed tariff until 2010, which saves me, spannometrically*, two and a half per cent per year.
I would have made the contract in any case, but I am happy to save even a little (which in this moonlight never hurts)....

Just two photos

Since I’m mostly living right now, which is already challenging enough, writing is difficult for me, or I lack inspiration.
This is (for now) my maximum: for those who haven’t seen them yet, here are the photos from last Saturday’s INTERvita (which was supposed to be outdoors but was pouring, so it took place in a cinema)....

Service communication

Thanks to the kindness and speed of Markingegno, I, too, am trying out Evernote, the private bookmarking system, and I am finding it to be good.
Private, though it is also possible to create public notes, so compared to, it has one more advantage. I don’t know about you, but I often need to take notes in a broad sense....

Don't open that blog

Coming soon, on your screens.
Director: Eddypedro...

Many fishes

Somebody has a birthday today.
Ladies and gentlemen, yes, today is Pinellus‘ birthday.
A world of good wishes....

In memory of PKD

On Friday, 2 March at the Department of Language Sciences and Comparative Foreign Literatures of the University of Milan – Aula Stucchi – Piazza S. Alessandro, 1 at 3.30 p.m. the Round Table will be held
Il sogno dei replicanti: Philip K. Dick a 25 anni dalla morte (2 March 1982 – 2 March 2007)

Participants: Sergio Fanucci,...