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The art of recycling

In these times when energy and time are in short supply, recycling posts can be a winning choice.
I have rewritten and adapted an old post here. Guess which post it is, cricket.
It is also worth reading why not, written by Massimiliano.

I believe

I have written many times that I got baptized, but I never said why.
Now it seems like the time has come to explain it.
everything I will write is only in a personal capacity; I’m not trying to convince anyone.

From a religious point of view, I am agnostic.
It is not a position taken lightly,...

25 October: debaptism day

Sbattezzamoci con l'UAAR

To find out exactly what it is, I quote the words of the organizers:

“His subjects, because they were baptized”. With these words, on 25 October 1958, the Court of Appeal of Florence acquitted the bishop of Prato, who had publicly denigrated two young men, recently married civilly.


It’s official: I received notification of debaptism.
In record time, I would say: I registered on the 14th, and the answer arrived today.
I’m a little sorry: I have beautiful memories of that remote village on a hill in Molise, where I also made my first communion.
However, as far as I’m concerned, it is a duty....