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Hello, backache, I did not miss you at all

28 February 2013

And so, Monday evening, the counting of the ballots was still taking place after this disastrous national vote (for the tacer of the regional one), the undersigned has blocked his back for the third time in two years. To run for cover, cortisone and rest. And so many blasphemies. There...


06 August 2012

In the end I surrendered to the idea of ​​having to call 118 and get me to the emergency room, again, last Thursday. I’m on cortisone therapy (and luckily they did not give me any anti-inflammatory, finally) until August 14th. It’s better (but I do not say it too loudly,...

All in medicines

15 September 2011

More than three months have passed, the back pain has improved but has not yet gone completely. I’ve been in hospitals and ASL for nmila times, spending a lot of money on visits and medicines, and I have not finished yet. One fine morning (yesterday, to be precise) I wake...

Annus horribilis in malefic decade

02 July 2011

I break the silence just to say that, just to reaffirm the concept, this year is getting worse, in every respect. Two weeks of pain, twice by the doctor, filled with drugs that have served only to make me swell and fill with allergy, then to the emergency room. Result:...