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Hello, back pain, I didn't miss you at all

28 February 2013

And so, on Monday evening, while the counting of ballots was still taking place after this disastrous national vote (to say nothing of the regional one), yours truly got her back stuck for the third time in two years.To make up for it, cortisone and rest. And a lot of...

Through gritted teeth

06 August 2012

Ultimately, I gave in to having to call 118 and have myself retaken to the emergency room last Thursday.I’m on cortisone therapy (luckily, they didn’t give me any anti-inflammatory, finally) until 14 August.It’s getting better (but I don’t say it too loudly; otherwise, something happens); yesterday, I went for a...

All in medicine

15 September 2011

It’s been over three months, the back pain has improved but it still hasn’t gone away completely.I’ve been to hospitals and ASL for n thousand times, spending a lot of money on visits and medicines, and I’m still not done.One fine morning (yesterday, to be precise) I woke up with...

Annus horribilis in an evil decade

02 July 2011

I break my silence only to say that, just to reiterate the point, this year is worse and worse, in every respect.Two weeks of pain, twice at the doctor’s, pumped full of drugs that served no purpose other than to make me bloated and full of allergies, then to the...