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#40 - The Scent of Christmas

There is a guy in this office who goes to sit at one of the tables in the café area mid-morning to eat an orange.
Smelling the orange today made me think of my childhood, the giant Christmas tree and the equally huge nativity scene, and afternoons spent chatting and eating oranges and dried fruit.
Today I was supposed to sign an open-ended contract as if it had been a Christmas present....

#36 - The extent of the disaster

I only realised last night that the last time I had a permanent contract was precisely three years and eight months ago, that famous contract for which I am still in litigation.
This in itself would not even be such a big deal if it were not for the fact that precarious contracts are a total farce: they are employee contracts,...

The state of the job market

Preamble: what I am about to write concerns my personal experience, i.e. a limited field (that of IT) and a limited area (Milan).
I honestly have no idea what it is like outside this field, nor do I claim that what I have experienced is valid for everyone.
However, this is becoming increasingly demotivating, and I feel the need to write about it for once....

Working for free

Today I’m going to tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a nice group of people who worked for the same company. In reality, there were more than one company on paper, but the office was the same, the work was shared and those in charge as well.
These people also had another thing in common: despite the permanent contract,...

Planning, this unknown

If, for some reason, you have to look for work because your contract expires in a few months, save yourself the trouble: given the remarkable capacity of companies to organise and plan, you will not find a job that cannot be started immediately.
Heaven forbid you to decide to do something only when you have water in your throat....


Although it is not really a secret, I am writing it anyway, perhaps so that I can conclude later: I am about to leave the Land of Melzo for the House of the Good Arrote.
Usually, out of superstition, I don’t say where I’m going exactly until I’m physically there, which will be on 2 November,...

Dedicated to companies/1: social networks

Il modo in cui gestisco il mio profilo pubblico in rete non ha nulla a che fare con la mia professionalità. La mia professionalità, fino a prova contraria, si può capire solo sul campo, ovvero sul lavoro. Il colloquio di lavoro si fa, di norma, per prendersi le reciproche misure....