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Merry Christmas


Bonus: I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek – The Go’s

And finally, a great classic.

For Christmas, send me your wishlists

I had already written about it eight years ago, but some still do not know that it exists and how it works.
Amazon provides a universal wishlist, i.e. you can create one or more wishlists where you can place products from any site.
Over time, other services have popped up that do the same thing: Thing To Get Me,...

And we got rid of this Christmas too

As usual, there were too many gifts under the tree, but thanks to everyone who gave them to us. More than any other year, I realized how much I love giving gifts, more than receiving them; I will equip myself for next year.

The new year is approaching, and I have found, among the thousands of newsletters that I receive,...

Merry Christmas

Also this year the time has come for “you and your family”.
I wrote very little this year, I would have liked to write a post on the WordCamp Milano but I postponed so much that it was Christmas. Maybe next year.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who sent gifts: thank you, really, you didn’t have to,...

Happy Christmas

We had decided some time ago to stay in London for the festive season to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks, and we did.
Nothing was planned for Christmas, not even a tree. When we later got one, I was convinced that there would be few packages underneath since there were three of us, including the cat.

Still on the high seas

Christmas is approaching, and the number of things done is not increasing. I have managed to freshen up the place, though it’s still not what I’d like; luckily, change is easy enough.

Tiredness has now reached guard level, and yesterday, while I was at my favourite hairdresser’s, I fell asleep dry, despite the house full of people and confusion,...

#50 - The Nutcracker

I had never seen a classical ballet live in my life; I have loved the Nutcracker since I was about two years old, and seeing it on Christmas Eve is perfect, so when I saw the posters hanging in the underground of the show at the Carcano theatre, I couldn’t resist.
Brought to the stage by the Moscow Ballet – La Classique,...