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Capital sins


20 September 2006

I’m not a sweet tooth, I’ve never been. For example, I haven’t eaten Nutella for more than two years, but honestly I don’t miss it. Put in front of me a cake, some ice cream, some chocolate, I nisba, I don’t care, I tell you no thank you and I’ll...


19 September 2006

There are three categories of people that make me extremely annoyed: the idiots, first. The people who don’t give a damn about the rest of the world, the arrogant ones, for seconds. And for third parties, those who are both. Practically a good part of the population, in short. In...


18 September 2006

‘Research suggests a sort of “10-year rule” in this regard: no matter how solid the innate talent is, it takes at least ten years of practice, of serious and intense work, to achieve greatness.’ Which means that much more than half of the people I know is far from being...


16 September 2006

Mik writes (19.31): stop stealing my emoticons Mik writes (19.31): that you were also the squeamish who didn’t use msn xlthlx writes (19.32): gnegnegne xlthlx writes (19.32): you practically obliged meMik writes (19.32): sure, now it’s my fault Mik writes (19.33): if you adore me so much that you use...


15 September 2006

** attention: posts with strong socio-political content. not suitable for the faint of heart. ** The Fallaci is dead Tronchetti Provera has resigned It will snow tomorrow.


15 September 2006

I’m finally done this book. I had to wait to get almost to the end before I finally started to like it. When I start a book, even if it doesn’t seem nice to me, I always try to get to the bottom, that you never know, and then I...


14 September 2006

The idle thought that came to my mind today, thinking back to the birthday of the captain blog, is that in reality my blog does not have a formal birthday. When I started writing I was on splinder , and from the first useless thing I wrote to when I...