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Capital sins


I don’t have a sweet tooth, never have. For example, I haven’t eaten Nutella in over two years, but I honestly don’t miss it. You put a cake, ice cream, and chocolate in front of me. I don’t miss it; I say no, thank you, and leave them there.
It would be a different story if instead of them,...


There are three categories of people who irritate me to no end:
The idiots, first. People who don’t give a damn about the rest of the world, the arrogant, second.
And third, those who are both.
Practically a large part of the population, in short.
I think I’ll die of a heart attack screaming:
So what?...


‘Research suggests a “10-year rule” in this regard: no matter how solid the innate talent, it takes at least ten years of practice, of serious and intensive work, to achieve greatness.’
This means that far more than half the people I know are far from being geniuses.
Myself included (modest me)....


Mik (19.31): stop stealing my emoticons
Mik (19.31): you were also being picky about not using MSN
xlthlx (19.32): gnegnegne
xlthlx (19.32): you practically forced me
Mik (19.32): sure, now it’s my fault
Mik (19.33): if you adored me so much that you would use MSN just for me, you would marry me
xlthlx (19.33): I would marry you;...


**Warning: post with strong socio-political content. Not for the faint-hearted.**

Fallaci is dead
Tronchetti Provera has resigned
Tomorrow it snows....


I finally finished this book. I had to wait until I got to the end before I finally started to like it.
When I start a book, even if it doesn’t sound good, I always try to get to the end, you never know, and then I think a fundamental principle always applies to anything:
Don’t judge something if you don’t know it well first....


l'oziosissimo pensiero che mi è venuto in mente oggi, ripensando al compleanno del blog della capitana, è che in realtà il mio blog un compleanno formale non ce l'ha. quando ho inziato a scrivere ero su splinder, e dalla prima inutilissima cosa che ho scritto a quando davvero ho inziato...