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Starting again

05 January 2023

The New Year has brought me a good cough, which I have been carrying around since the first of January.My holidays have passed without infamy or glory between the cough and the lousy weather.I am slowly retranslating all the posts on this blog, and I am reading. I mean: I’m...

#332 - The silver lining

05 October 2014

So yesterday, we celebrated by playing with some Lego Star Wars because a day here is long to spend.On my sixth day in the hospital, I have to say that I’m starting to pause; I know that I still have to be patient, but since I’m doing so well, I had...

#182 - Social and boredom

08 May 2014

I must confess: for some time, social networks have been boring me.Although I still manage to find something interesting on Twitter, otherwise it has become a kind of vicious circle: I open a social network at random to distract myself, look at two things, and find little or nothing interesting...

#169 - I got carried away

25 April 2014

Since I had some time, I started to put the books I have in my room on Goodreads, which are mainly picture books that I have put on one bookshelf together with the Encyclopaedia Treccani and yet-to-be-read books that are on another bookshelf, on two shelves. I still haven’t finished...

#168 - The barcode reader

24 April 2014

After many years of wanting it, I finally decided to buy a barcode reader, which arrived yesterday. After ordering it, I discovered that Goodreads has an app that also scans barcodes, and I thought I had made an unnecessary purchase. But then, when I used it, I remembered why I...

#97 - What fatigue

12 February 2014

Apart from the physical effort, I do not know whether it is worse to rearrange paper books or electronic books.

#89 - The pain of having to delete books

04 February 2014

I confess: I’m in love with books. I have a house full of books, beds, stretches, still to be read, historians, dictionaries, large and small encyclopedias, and so on. The book has always been a fetish, a sacred object of which, even now, I have profound respect.This does not mean...

New year, new theme

09 January 2013

I started the new year by making a clean sweep of many of the old objects in my home, and I don’t need them anymore. No good intentions, just facts: I cleaned up the studiòs bookstores, including the boxes that are piled up above, taking out books, old pieces of...