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Suddenly last summer

16 July 2009

This blog will no longer be updated. It will remain here, I think, indefinitely, because perhaps a couple of posts can be defined as useful. Someone called me a half blogstar. This definition made me think: it’s not just that I do not give a shit to become a blog...

On learning and other amenities

28 March 2009

By nature I am a reserved person, shy. It is not just shyness, it is really a desire not to show off, to make my own business far from the eyes of others. I am also a sociable person, moderately. I especially like listening to people, trying to get to...

I am a prostitute too

26 February 2008

Well yes, I confess: I prostitute myself too. Since I could not prostitute myself in the classic way (it takes the body and youth), I opted for another modality. I started a blog at just to get engaged to a blogstar. Clearly, hès a new Bill Gates and I’m aiming...