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See you later

22 November 2014

Today this blog turns ten. Ten tormented years, starting from Splinder, like so many others, passing through other platforms, with other names, to finally land on a dedicated domain with WordPress. Closed and reopened many times, ten years have passed and it’s still here. It’s time to close, but this...

#347 - Happy birthday to you

20 October 2014

I know, I realize it: saying that I feel lucky to have someone like mine half sweet next to me is getting boring. But that’s it: and today is her birthday. Not much to say: I would have much preferred to feel good, not have made him worry, and have...

# 191 - Happy birthday

17 May 2014

The beauty of having special friends is that you happen to have a cake like that on their birthday. And I guarantee that it is as beautiful as it is good.

# 170 - bareMinerals Precision Face Brush

26 April 2014

Yesterday I decided and wrote to the Sephora customer service through their website to ask why I did not get the gift certificate for my birthday. They were quick to respond, they wrote me that they can not send me the vouchers by mail (clearly the address is correct, but...

# 153 - My perfume

09 April 2014

I’ve been pretty lucky this year for birthday gifts, both make-up and technology (and thanks again to those who made them), but one out of all is what I liked best, because it’s a quite a bit ‘I can not feel any perfume on me, but no one, at least...

# 149 - Nice surprises

05 April 2014

It happens that someone organizes the surprise party of non-birthday, and the afternoon and the evening fly away. And then I love the surprises, for me surprise parties are the most beautiful gift. I do not have the right words to thank you, but thank you.

# 132 - I'm not ready

19 March 2014

Soon it will be my birthday, and this year I just wish it did not come. I tried to understand why, since usually, one way or another, when it is about to arrive I am convinced that it is a pleasant thing, if only because it is celebrated, and I...